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Teign 5 | Hammered copper wrap ring - Earth energy

Teign 5 | Hammered copper wrap ring - Earth energy

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This ring from our signature collection evokes memories of strolls across South Devon sands. The copper design was inspired by local cliffs and the hammered finish symbolising the natural effect of waves crashing in and out. The Teign 5 is a stackable five wrap ring.


The light dances on this unique hammered effect copper ring. 

Whoever you buys this for will be delighted, this ring has a subtle elegance that reflects light well without being too brash. Ideal for day into evening wear.

Copper embodies many aspects of femininity in its purest form, such as maternal love, nurture, caring, fertility, and beauty. Copper also stands for concepts of love and lust, of youth and creativity, affection and romance.

It inspires creativity and capability of enjoying life. It inspires kindness, caring for others and motherly, protective spirit. Venus and copper suggest love is stronger than anything else is.

Spiritually, copper provides good energy flow and flexibility. It can improve communication skills in those who lack it, it helps in maintaining long distance relationships, it helps love flourish, it makes one charming and lovable, supporting the natural qualities of one owning a copper item (wearing it or so).

An ideal and unique gift for your wife, girlfriend, friend.

Handcrafted in Devon

Medium size, approx UK size O. 

Custom size available