Our Story

My father was an avid sailor who has travelled around the world and therefore, has many a tale to tell - many of which involving sharing rum with fascinating people he met along the way.

I fully credit him for inspiring my path in life and my endless love of jewellery.



Whenever he visited ports, he would source a gift for my grandmother, my mother and of course, for me.



These gifts were a symbol of his love and to hold close while he was far away. 



Sometimes the gifts would come with an incredible story attached, sometimes it was a simple ‘I love you’ token. 



Growing up in Devon, these far flung places were mysterious and exotic. They were full of adventure, intrigue and represent a great amount of care.



As you can imagine, my parents gave me a lifelong love of the sea and daydreaming. 



Who’d be the first to run into the waves? Where were the ships heading? What’s in that rock pool do you imagine? 



In fact, my favourite beach activity as a child was combing through the sand to find lost treasures, waiting to be discovered. Shells, sea glass, driftwood - that sense of curiosity has influenced what my brand is today.