My Mum is beautiful


No, really, she is, she’s got the most amazing figure and her skin is to die for. She’s always had style and understands classic fashion. She was a seamstress many years ago for Jaeger and has still kept that eye and after her holidays brings back beautiful pieces of jewellery or fabrics. She’s my inspiration. I love her with all my heart. She’s been there through tears and heartbreak; she’s been patient with the craziest hairstyles (and life choices) and she’s been a calm influence throughout.

My mum instilled in me the importance of family – close and beyond, and of independence. As I’ve aged, I’ve learned the hard way how to weave those two strong values together. My mum is a paradox. She’s taught me reflection especially on long car journeys when she would listen and listen. She’s taught me frivolity and was the first one up dancing on my hen night. She’s been incredible.

She sometimes doesn’t say much and that’s ok because she shows her love in so many ways. She fights for me to be the best I can in the gentlest ways. She buys odd gifts and then I realise she’s remembered a fondness I had 20 years ago, and she’s reconnected me with a sense of security.

As I’ve embraced motherhood, I’m not sure that I hear myself say exactly the same phrases as she did, but I’ve grown to understand my mum more. I’ve hoped to be the kind of daughter and the kind of mother she would hope for me to be and I’ve felt the courage to cry on her shoulder when I’ve slipped. That’s when I’ve realised that that vulnerability is as much a part of the mother she would hope me to be. Not perfect, not textbook, not on a pedestal and hungry for others’ approval but a good rounded mum.

So, on this Mother’s Day I’d like to say thank you to her and I’d like to take a deep breath and say well done to me!

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