I'm a professional story teller - here's how to get your words across

I’m a professional story teller in another part of my life. I use words to create momentum, a vision, a reinforcement, a hope, a celebration. Authentic words, uplifting words, words that inspire a “You did, I can”. I love that words can dance and can spark something deep inside people. Words can build trust and love. Words convey gratitude and offer kindness. Words can have the opposite effect of course and there are enough words out there that divide or demean. Not here….

For centuries people have used words as a gift, to build a family or a community and to build a legacy. Words themselves of course are symbolic – a collection of sounds or letters that describe something far bigger.

With Atlantique Style, we want to take that sense of abstract as far as we can. Of course, there will be stories here, but a lot of the time we will share images. Images of landscapes that take your breath away, and images that take you to a very different place in the hope that that sparks a cherished memory – a trip, a sensation, a time you were relaxed, enjoying life and grateful for everyone and everything around you. Or perhaps an image that ignites a desire, a curiosity about how that place would make you feel, who you’d be with, what you’d smell and taste.

Often in our day to day we are too busy to day dream – we’re busy and we’re busy being distracted by the gossip and drama, the hum drum and the wants. We hope that you take time out to look at the photos and to feel. We can’t take credit for the images – unsplash provides the inspiration and there are many hugely creative people on there who create spell binding photos. We hope that you stare into the screen and lose yourself, if only for a minute to be there. Landscapes and families are everlasting and resonate deep within every human on the planet so in theory you’re genetically predisposed to it!

Then of course the jewellery. Our jewellery collection is curated and created. We select pieces that are statement and striking – with natural and cut gemstones that come from the earth. Gemstones have been exchanged for millennia – ancient relics from Rome, Egypt and far flung places show how important jewellery is. The new trends in demi-fine jewellery in silver or gold are just as precious in our eyes as the fine cut diamonds.

We deliberately select a range of pieces that can be worn throughout the day – wherever you are because we want you to enjoy them. We want you to glimpse at that ring or that bracelet and for a micro-second lose yourself. Let your imagine dance and spark that something deep inside you. Buy a piece because you love the design or because it shows that there’s a bit more to you than meets the eye. Our new men’s collection has that sense of adventure and explorer behind it – go on show your rugged side.

We hope you’ll find a piece that you’ll gift to your loved one, your best friend, your lover, your mum or dad and we hope that when you do you share a story or memory so that you can offer that gratitude or kindness over and over again in their mind. Words can inspire when you hear them, pictures draw you in deeper to dare to dream but we think that jewellery can keep bringing you back to that sensation.

So, whether you read our news, drown in our curated shots or do shop with us – be present and be true.


Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

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