Guest Blog: Cleaner Oceans for Everyone by Tyler, aged 9 1/2

This week marked World Ocean Day, so let's celebrate the awesome beauty of the sea. Earlier this year, Surfers Against Sewage ran a survey to find out how the ocean makes people feel. The most popular words were Free, Calm, Happy, and Alive. We truly agree with those sentiments and you may have spotted that we post and repost coastal views regularly, just to make the world a happier place.

If you follow our instagram or facebook feeds you'll know that I'm a proud mummy to a green Blue Peter badge holder. Tyler wrote a beautiful essay on why cleaner oceans were important. Being ocean activists and lifetime members of Surfers Against Sewage we sent the piece to our local MP, and Shadow Environment Secretary Rt Hon Luke Pollard MP. 

So, for this special week, I'm handing the reins over to Tyler and republishing his article on why Cleaner Oceans matter.



Why I think cleaner oceans are better for EVERYONE!

I think Cleaner Ocean are better because we can help the environment.

On the other hand we need to try not to throw toxic waste in the sea so the fish don’t get contaminated and people don’t eat contaminated fish/sea food. Therefore, we can save animals lives and we can save adults and children’s lives as well as yours. Also, we could be able to swim, surf and be safer in our seas, so we can live better lives.

People need to think about what we buy, because we are throwing plastic into our sea’s, polluting and killing some of our own species of our only water animals.             

Now let’s work together.

Maybe start doing a beach clean to help the environment!   

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