Get those wellies on - we're going exploring

Go exploring find a starfish resident animals in Devon and Cornwall

On a summer’s day, there’s nothing quite like exploring a rockpool. Ice creams forgotten, the pool looks deceptively calm - until you lift a rock and a little creature comes whizzing out. You might be able to get a good look before it nips back into a new hiding spot, but more likely you’ll be tempted to keep poking around.

So many of the beautiful beaches of Devon and Cornwall are sprinkled with these temporary ecosystems, lasting only until the tide sweeps back in and the pools’ lodgers can make a hasty exit. But while they last, rock pools are a fantastic way to learn more about our diverse marine life. Crouched by the water’s edge - being mindful to not injure or cause too much stress to the animals, of course - you might find some of the more common local residents. Barnacles litter the rocks, which often conceal lurking crabs and small fish, anxiously darting from nook to cranny. If you’re lucky, you might find more exotic creatures: starfish, anemones and even the rare mermaid’s purse: an empty egg casing from a nursehound shark! The next time you’re at a beach, take a break from sunning yourself and have a dip in a rock pool: you’ll never know what you might find.

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